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Solar training academy (STA) has been offering solar PV (photovoltaic), PPE (Professional Practice Exam - PEO), PMP (Project Management Professional), Renewable Energy, LED Lighting, Electrical Engineering, and Software training workshops for more than 8 years in Canada and abroad. We enable workshop attendees to perform on all levels from sizing to modelling and designing to installation.
Workshops require no prior knowledge or experience in the field. Workshops and seminars are delivered with easy to follow instructions in plain language simplifying complex terminology and concept while fusing theory with practice following national and international codes (NEC/CEC) and standards (IEEE/IET) in accordance with the best industry practices ensuring safety and swifter return on investment.
Most of our instructors are licensed P. Eng. (Professional Engineers) with degrees, certifications and trainings in the related fields and years of experience in both utility and corporate sectors in Canada and/or abroad. Our instructors routinely model, size, design, procure, install and manage related complex projects through complete project life cycle from conception to materialization.
All our trainees are awarded solar training academy certificate upon successful completion of the 2, 3 and 5 day workshops, beside fulfilling partial or full requirements of the following certifications. Visit links below for the detailed requirements on the certifications.
NABCEP Associate Certification (NABCEP)  || CSA PV (NOC 7241) Certification (CSA) || Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO) || Project Management Institute (PMI).


PV System Workshops

Modeling | Design | Installation
Alberta | Ontario

The PV workshops range from 2 to 5 days and cover all from Mono- to Bi-facial module (panel), Charger to Battery and Micro to Central inverter PV technology with On to Off grid, Roof to Ground mount, and Net-Metering (Load Displacement) to Feed-In-Tariff (Independent Power Producers) PV systems. The 4 solar PV workshops to teach modelling, designing and installation of PV systems are:
2 Day PV Systems Theory & Installation (details)
5 Day PV Systems Theory, Sizing & Installation (details)
2 Day PVsyst Modelling (details)
2 Day PV System Designing (details)
All 4 workshops are designed with 50% theory and 50% hands-on components.
STA general workshops Policy.

OFF-GRID SOLAR SYSTEM solar training


PPE Seminars

PEO Engineering Law | Ethics

The 2 day interactive PPE (professional Practice Exam) workshops prepares for PEO law and ethics exams following the methods tested over the years. Our approach with easy to follow instructions and practice material makes the PPE exam preparation and writing fun with study material and tips sent by email upon registration. PPE material includes study plan, terminology, definitions, and chapters to read. Highlights of the PPE seminar are:
Quality Material -- Professional practice exams/answers
Systematic Approach -- Step by step answering formats 
Unique Method -- Do's, Dont's & If-Else structures
Our Promise -- Pass the exam in 1st attempt or attend next seminar free
2 Day PPE Seminar (details). Detailed PPE syllabus.

ON-GRID SOLAR SYSTEM on-grid solar system


Engineering Workshops

Renewable | Electrical | Management

2 Day Power & Electronics Sys (2D PES)
2 Day Wind Power System (2D WPS) Design
2 Day PV Water Pumping (2D WP) Sys Design
1 Day Roadway/Street Lighting (1D RLS) Design
2 Day Micro Hydro Power Sys (2D MHPS) Design
2 Day Building/Industrial Power Sys (2D BPSS) Design
2 Day Sub-Station Design (2D SSD)
2 Day MV/LV Distribution Sys (2D MLDS) Design
2 Day Grounding & Ground Grid (2D GGG) Design
2 Day Protection Coordination (2D PC)
2 Day Micro-Grid Design (2D MGD)
3 Day Matlab/Simulink Modelling (3D PSE-MS)
Detailed Outlines in progress. Short Outlines below.

Hybrid-PV-Wind Hybrid-OffGrid-PV-Wind system
solar PV training

PV Workshops

2D TI: Aimed at beginners this 2 Day PV Theory & Installation Workshop is a 50% theory & 50% hands-on. Main topics electrical & PV terminology, PV-sun-earth relationship as it applies to PV, PV module/panel, battery, charger, inverter and racking technologies with hands-on installation labs of ground and roof (flat and shingle) mount systems. Offered in Ontario (ON) only. Workshop Details
5D TID: Aimed at beginners this 5 Day PV Theory, Installation & Designing Workshop is a 50% theory & 50% hands-on. This is the most comprehensive workshop in the market with solar thermal and PV thermal systems in addition to electrical & PV terminology, PV-sun-earth relationship, PV module/panel, battery, charger, inverter and racking technologies with hands-on installation labs of ground and roof (flat and shingle) mount systems. This course also introduces to sizing and designing of the PV systems. Workshop Details
2D PVM: This 2 Day PV Systems Modelling Workshop is a 20% theory & 80% hands-on. Main topics include electrical & PV terminology, sun-earth relationship and sizing and designing of PV systems using PVsyst software. Modelling includes Off and On grid, PV pumping, micro to central inverters, fixed and tracking PV systems. Workshop is concluded with the best industry practices to model PV systems to minimize losses and maximize revenue. Workshop Details
2D PVD: This 2 Day PV Systems Designing Workshop is a 50% theory & 50% hands-on. Main topics include electrical & PV terminology, CSA/UL/IEEE standards, NEC/CEC electrical codes, and NEC/CEC PV codes followed by hands-on code compliant sizing and designing off grid, feed-in-tariff (micro, small & large) and net-metering PV systems. PV systems are designed with micro, string and central inverters with and without battery storage. Both rooftop and ground mount systems are discussed. Attendees are also introduced to typical PV project cycle from conception to completion including SLD, CIA, IFR and IFC packages. Workshop concludes with the best industry practices to minimize losses & maintenance while maximize revenue ensuring code compliance and safety. Workshop Details. Course material & snacks/coffee provided.

Workshops Schedule
solar PV design

PPE Law & Ethics Workshops

PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE AND ETHICS: Definitions and interpretations of professional status; obligations that accompany the privileges of professional status; unregulated, state regulated, and self regulated practice; powers of the PEO in the self regulated profession of engineering in Ontario; reserved practice and reserved titles; disciplinary consequences of violation of the Regulations including the Code of Ethics, as distinct from the legal liability; the independent practitioner and the employee engineer acting as a representative or agent; supervision of unregistered persons by a professional engineer; responsibilities of holders of Limited Licenses; ethical considerations related to standards of practice. Workshop Details.
ENGINEERING LAW AND PROFESSIONAL LIABILITY: Legal concepts and basics relevant to professional engineers including: the basic structure of the Canadian legal system, basics of business organizations; application of tort law principles in determining liability for negligence; limitation periods; essential elements and principles of contract law including grounds upon which a contract may be impeached; tendering issues, interpretation, discharge and breach of contracts; contracts limiting liability; engineering and other specific types of contracts; the Professional Engineers Act regulatory aspects; construction lien legislation; Competition Act issues of relevance to engineers; industrial property protection; employment laws; Human Rights Code Prohibitions against Discrimination and Sexual Harassment. Workshop Details.
Fee is $177.00. Fee includes course material.

Workshops Schedule
RE Courses

Engineering Workshops

(IEEE, CEC/NEC, CSA/cUL/UL Compliant)

3 Day Power Systems / Electronics with MATLAB / Simulink: AC/DC concepts, 1 & 3 Phase Power, Active/Reactive/Apparent Power, Load flow, Fault Analysis, Rectification, Inversion, DC-DC and AC-AC Conversion.
2 Day Wind Energy: Electrical & Mechanical terminology, Wind Power, WECS types, converters, control techniques and WECS systems design per CEC/CSA. 
2 Day Micro-Hydro Power: Electrical & Micro-Hydro terminology, Water Power, head & flow measurements, Turbines, Converters, and micro-hydro system design per CEC/CSA.
2 Day PV Water Pumping: Electrical terminology, PV technology, Motor/Pump, Converters and PV water pumping system design per CEC/CSA. 
1 Day Roadway Lighting: Electrical/Lighting terminology, Light & Power, HPS/LED, CCT/CRI, LRL/TRL, Road classification, and Roadway lighting design per IESNA standards. 
1 Day Building Power System: Electrical terminology, typical Load consumption, Load Factors, Protection and Building power system design per CEC/CSA. 
2 Day Sub-Station Design: Electrical terminology, typical Sub-station, Transformer, Grounding, Arrestor, Ground Wire, Protection and Sub-Station design per CEC/CSA. 
2 Day MV/LV Distribution: Electrical terminology, Structures, Insulators, Conductors, Sag/Tension, Voltage/Conductor Selection, and Dx system design per CEC/CSA.
2 Day Ground Grid Design: Electrical terminology, Touch/Step Potential, Grounding techniques, Ground Grid, and Ground Grid Design per IEEE 80-2000. 
2 Day Protection Coordination: Electrical & Protection terminology, Fuse, Circuit Breaker, Relay, Recloser, Sectionalizer, Protection and Coordination per CEC/CSA. 
2 Day Micro-Grid Design: Electrical & Micro-Grid terminology, PV, Battery, Diesel Genset, Gird, Protection, and Micro-Grid Sizing and design per CEC/CSA. 
3 Day MATLAB/Simulink Modelling. Electric grid, AC-DC, DC-DC & DC-AC converters, Wind and PV systems theory and modelling. 
Course material provided.

Workshops Schedule


solar PV installation

PV Workshops

Ajax/Toronto - Ontario


5D P TDI 18-21 JAN 2021*

2D PVsyst 25-26 JAN 2021*

2D PV Design: 27-28 JAN 2021*

5D PV TDI: 15-18 MAR 2021*

2D PVsyst: 22-23 MAR 2021*

2D PV Design: 24-25 MAR 2021*

* 40 hrs in-class workshop.

*Online or in-class Workshops. 

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PVsyst modeling

PV Workshops

Calgary - Alberta


5D PV TDI 17-20 May 2021*

2D PVsyst 24-25 May 2021*

2D PV Design 26-27 May 2021*

* 40 hrs in-class workshop.

*Online or in-class Workshops. 


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PV system design

PPE Workshops

Toronto - Ontario


2D PPE 30-31 JAN 2021*

2D PPE 01-02 FEB 2021*

*Online or in-class Workshops. 


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Engineering Workshops

 Toronto - Ontario


2D PV Pumping 29-30 MAR*

1D Road Lighting 31 MAR*

2D Wind Power 1-2 APR*

2D Ground Grid 5-6 APR* 

2D Comm./Bldg. P. Sys 7-8 APR*


*Online Workshops in 2021. 




Fees Payment

Workshop / Training Fees
OL = Online & IC = In-Class Workshops.
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Directions: 1: Toronto Union Station to Pickering Go Station.
2: 401 to Pickering Go Station.

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Dr. Syed has the uncanny ability to answer all of our queries in clear and simplified terms. M. Forde. 

Highly skilled faculty. Excellent coverage of PV technology from modelling to execution. S. Taylor

solar equipment



I made the right decision to attend. Simple answering formats made my PPE exam easier. M. Ibrahim

Highly skilled faculty. I have been fortunate to have chosen this academy for my PPE. G. Ng.




Dr. Irtaza Syed, PhD, P. Eng., PMP, PV Installation Professional, CEA
Solar Training Academy faculty is led by Irtaza Syed, a licensed Professional Engineer, PhD Electrical Engineering, North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certified PV Installation Professional (PVIP), AEE Certified Energy Auditor (CEA) & PMI certified Project Management Professional (PMP). As a practitioner Dr. Syed has modeled, designed, procured, managed, installed and commissioned 100's of Megawatts of diesel, PV, wind, micro-hydro and microgrid systems in Canada, USA, and Asia. Installed systems include off-grid, on-grid, hybrid microgrids with battery energy storage systems with individual system sizing from 5 kW to 2.4 MW. As an academic, Dr. Syed has trained 1000's of professionals over 20 years of his professional engagement as a trainer, in the fields of electrical and renewable energy sectors. As a researcher, Dr. Syed has published number of articles in high impact journals. Selected publications are: PV Panel Model, PV System Control for Energy Cost Reduction, PV System Control for Load Shedding, Grid Tied Wind Energy Systems Curtailment Minimization, Wind Energy Systems Power Fluctuations Smoothing, Sizing Transformer and Cable for Reliable Operation, Hybrid PV and Wind System Size Optimization, and Microgrid Analysis.


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