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Solar training academy (STA) has been offering PV modelling, design and solar power systems installation training courses for more than 6 years in Canada. PV system modelling, design & installation concepts for power generation and energy supply are lectured with easy to follow instructions. Solar training workshops are designed for solar panel installers and those wishing to enter growing solar energy field. No pre-requisites since we deliver complex PV concepts in plain language while keeping them practical and complete. Solar PV courses at this solar training institute are designed to give 50% theory and 50% hands-on labs & practical. Theoretical part of the solar workshops at this training school covers all PV components individually as well as a part of the system. Most comprehensive solar energy training course in the market also introduces students to PV Thermal, Solar Thermal, Geothermal and Wind Energy Conversion System. Hands-on labs of these workshops entail panels series, parallel and series parallel connections with shade impact, analysis and optimization. Both off-grid and on-grid solar systems are implemented in addition to hybrid DC - AC and hybrid PV - Wind. Students also perform rooftop (shingle and flat roof) and ground mount solar panels installation. In short, this course is for all whether starting out in the solar field or want to learn more by improving on the existing solar PV power knowledge and expertise. This solar training institute offers 5 day solar PV systems theory, design & installation workshop (50% theory & 50% practical) (details). In addition to PV, this 5 Day workshop covers Solar Thermal, Geothermal, and Wind Energy Systems theory and sizing (details).
Solar Training Academy also offers 2 day PVsyst energy modeling course. This workshop introduces attendees to PV Concepts/terminology and PVWatts followed with detailed central, string and micro inverter based PV systems modeling. Sizing from few kilowatts to megawatts and modeling shading scenes are taught step by step for easier understanding. Finally, full system including shading analysis is done and system is optimized for lower losses, shade and higher energy production (details).
In addition, Solar Training Academy, offers 2 day Canadian and National Electric Code (USA) compliant solar energy systems design course. This workshop introduces trainees to CEC/NEC Electrical Code after an overview of the PV systems. Both off-grid battery based and utility interactive PV systems designs with central, string and micro inverters are taught in easy to follow steps. Followed by losses and cost optimization of designs for lower operation and maintenance costs and higher solar energy production (details). Click here for STA General Policies. Courses schedule.

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Solar Training Academy

     Faculty - P. Eng. | NABCEP

Solar Training Academy faculty is led by Irtaza Syed, a licensed Professional Engineer, PhD Electrical Engineering, North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) certified PV Installation Professional (PVIP) & AEE Certified Energy Auditor (CEA). In his role as a practitioner, Mr. Syed has modeled, designed, procured, managed, installed and commissioned 100's of Megawatts of solar PV systems in Canada, USA, and Asia. Installed systems include off-grid, on-grid, hybrid solar energy systems, rooftop and ground mount solar power systems, and central, string, and micro inverters based solar PV systems. Both with and without battery energy storage systems have been modeled, designed, installed and commissioned. Being an academic, Mr. Syed has trained 1000's of professionals over 18 plus years of his professional engagement as a trainer, in the fields of software, computer, electrical, electronics engineering and renewable energy sector (especially solar & wind). He is actively involved to train individuals for solar power systems installation, solar energy systems designing and solar PV systems modeling since 2011. In addition, he has published number of articles in high impact journals with a research focus of solar PV panels (PV Panel Model, AC PV Module Model) solar PV systems (PV Systems Comparison, PV System Control for Energy Cost Reduction, PV System Control for Load Shedding), and wind energy conversion systems (Grid Tied Wind Energy Systems Control for Owner & Utility, Wind Energy Systems Power Fluctuations Smoothing) beside others.
All solar training academy instructors have engineering background and training in the solar PV energy fields. Solar training academy instructors have been exposed to research, business development, PVsyst energy modeling, PV systems design, equipment procurement, PV systems installation, project management, project installation / construction and commissioning. Faculty is very well aware of IESO FIT rules, codes, standards, IEEE standards, National Electric Code US, Canadian Electrical Code, local distribution companies (LDC), and electrical safety authority requirements. Faculty has completed over 100's MW of on-grid and off-grid solar PV systems over the years and provide services in the solar energy field in Ontario (Net-Metering, Feed-In-Tariff (FIT), micro-FIT) and US (Community Solar). Solar Training Academy Instructors routinely do Prefits, Connection Impact Assessment (CIA), issue plans for review (IFR) and plans for construction (IFC) designed to codes and standards with safety. Single / three line diagrams are produced routinely and individual Solar PV systems range from few kW to MW. Our faculty believes theory and hands-on practical complements each other and been though all phases from conception to completion (faculty).

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All our trainees are awarded solar training academy certificate upon successful completion of the PVsyst, PV Design or 5 day PV installation & design workshop. In addition to Solar Training Academy Certificate, after completing both in class training and hands on practical component, 5 day solar PV workshop trainees can seek to apply for the following certifications:
- NABCEP Associate Certification
- CSA Solar PV Systems Certification
North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioner (NABCEP) Associate certification requires:
- 6 months of experience
- Passing NABCEP Associate Exam
5 day PV workshop provides knowldege neccessary for the exam.
To qualify the applicants must provide documentation of six months of full time equivalent employment directly related to photovoltaics. Experience requirements must show that the Applicant has engaged with the terminology and general functionality of the technology they are applying for. This experience can be obtained through a wide variety of job titles and functions, including: sales, site assessment, installation, roofing, plumbing, electrical, mechanical, design, advocacy, customer service, and many others. Full time employmen t is considered to be at least 35 hours per week. Construction Electrician (NOC 7241) Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Systems Certified (SPVC) Certification form CSA requires:
- In class training (Provided by STA)
- Hands-on practicals (Provided by STA)
- Construction Electrician Certificate
- Passing CSA Cetification Exam
Note that CSA program is also open to apprentices, however, certification will be granted by CSA only after issuance of Construction Electrician (NOC 7241) certificate.
CSA requires qualified candidate to be able to perform PV system installation activities without assistance, including (but not limited to):
- Understand the latest installation methods and technologies
- Read, understand and apply standards, codes and manufacturer instructions
- Apply industry best practices and building science concepts
- Utilize the appropriate materials and methods for the proper installation of PV Systems
- Understand construction documentation including drawings/specifications
- Understand and apply the latest construction and building technologies & techniques
- Utilize the tools of the trade
- Show competence in basic worksite Occupational Health and Safety Requirements
- Basic communication skills

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PV Installation Workshops

A: Aimed at beginners in the Solar Photovoltaic (PV) field this 2 Day solar PV Theory / Installation Workshop is a 50/50 theory & hands-on installation. Hands-on includes ground mount, shingle &  flat roof installations.
Fee $800.00 (3 weeks early registration $700.00).
B: This 5 day Solar PV Theory / Installation / Design Workshop is the most comprehensive workshop in the market. In addition to PV, this course covers solar thermal and PV thermal systems. This course complements theory with ample number of hands-on labs and installation exercises. Click here to see the workshop details.
Fee $1400.00 (3-4 weeks early registration $1300.00). Introductory fee for Alberta is $1200 ($1115.00 adjusted for GST/HST).
Both workshops are carefully designed to equip attendees with skills and tools for success.
5 Day Workshops are offered in both Toronto, ON and Calgary, AB. Typical day is 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM. Fee includes course binder, snacks, lunch & pickup from Fairview Mall Subway.

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Modelling & Design Workshops

A: This 2 Days Solar PV Energy Modeling Workshop introduces participants to PVsyst software and teaches how to model central, string and micro inverter based PV systems in grid tied and standalone modes with shade scenes. Finally, shade and losses optimization for lower cost and production .
Fee $800.00 (3 weeks early registration $700.00).
B: This 2 Days Solar PV Design Workshop introduces engineers, electricians, and contractors to design and optimize central, string and micro inverters based code compliant PV systems. Course follows Canadian and National Electric Code US.
Fee $1600.00 (3-4 weeks early registration $1400.00). Fee includes lunch and course binder.
Both workshops are carefully designed to equip attendees with skills and tools for success in the market. Typical workshop day starts at 9:15 AM and ends at 4:30 PM.
Workshops are offered in both Toronto, ON and Calgary, AB. Fee includes course binder, snacks, lunch & pickup from Fairview Mall Subway

Workshops Schedule
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Renewable Energy Workshop

This three day workshop focus renewable energy technologies. Trainees are introduced to electrical and renewable technologies, followed with PV, Solar Thermal, PV Thermal, Geo Thermal, Energy Conservation and Lighting, Wind Energy, and Micro Hydro Technologies. Course covers both theoretical and practical aspects of the technologies with a touch of design techniques. Course also includes ample number of calculations, labs and hands on practices to complement theory learned. 
This 3 Days Workshop is designed for engineering students, electricians, engineers, and electrical contractors willing to pursue their careers in these fields. 
1st Day: Electrical and renewable terminology, and PV systems.
2nd Day: Solar Thermal, PV Thermal, Geo Thermal systems and Energy Conservation and Lighting. 
3rd Day:  Wind Energy and Micro Hydro Systems.
RE in a Nutshell Workshop Fee: $1000.00
Workshops are offered in both in Toronto, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta.

Workshops Schedule


solar PV installation

Workshops - Toronto, Ontario

5D PV TDI: 11-15 Sep 2017

2D PVsyst: 07-08 Sep 2017

2D Design: 27-28 Oct 2017

9030 Leslie St, Richmond Hill, ON

PVsyst modeling

Workshops - Calgary, Alberta

5D PV TDI: 18-22 Sep 2017

2D PVsyst: 23-24 Sep 2017

2D Design: 25-26 Sep 2017

115-2323 32 Ave NE Calgary, AB

PPE prep PEO

Renewable Energy Workshops

Toronto, Ontario

May 14-16, 2018

Calgary Alberta 

May 28-30, 2018



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Mr. Syed has the uncanny ability to answer all of our queries in clear and simplified terms, M. Forde. 

I had made the right choice by attending his two day workshop, R. Collington.




Dr. Irtaza Syed, PhD, P. Eng., PMP, NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional, CEA, MIET
Irtaza Syed has been an industrial lead trainer and design engineer in the field for more than 15 years. In his responsibilities as a Solar Systems Specialist and Alternative Energy Systems Engineer Mr. Syed has completed multiple megawatts of renewable engineering projects, overseeing all phases through planning, design, procurement, construction and commissioning of both grid-tied and off-grid systems. In his role as Power Engineer, he has designed and constructed distribution systems for complete residential towns and provided energy storage & power backup solutions. At present, Mr. Syed work as a Director of Engineering at Toronto based solar energy firm.

Graham Fowler, NABCEP Entry Level Graduate, BSc IT Computer Science
Graham Fowler has been involved in the Renewable Energy Sector and Energy Conservation industry since 2012. In his responsibilities as manager for the Ontario Solar Network, Ontario Solar Academy and president of Green Management Group he has developed his skills to help decision makers in the commercial, industrial and Institutional sectors reduce their energy consumption and fixed overheads. He is uniquely positioned to help business managers understand the economic, productive and environmental benefits associated with retrofitting various plant and building infrastructures, including lighting, VFDs, BAS, SCADA and HVAC systems. Mr. Fowler has completed multiple lighting retrofit projects, overseeing all phases through planning, design, procurement, installation and post project verification. As an entrepreneur with 20+ years in B2B high tech marketing-communications he is uniquely positioned to help decision makers grasp the technologically complex fundamentals associated with energy conservation projects.

Muhammad Z. Nasir, MEng Electrical Engineering and MS Total Quality Management
Muhammad Nasir has over twenty years of utility based experience in the fields of Power System Engineering both in Power Distribution and Generation. As a power distribution specialist, involved in power distribution planning, design, commissioning, operation and asset management. As a renewable energy professional, responsible for Identification and evaluation of potential sites for Renewable Energy projects, detailed conceptual design for FIT project both for ground mount and roof top. He also commission PV projects and interacts with IESO, utility, ESA and contractors. At present, Mr. Nasir is working as Engineering Manager Electrical at Toronto based solar energy firm.

Saeed Katanforoush, E.I.T, MEng Civil Engineering
Saeed Katanforoush, has been involved in design, procurement and construction of several project since FIT program launched in Ontario (2009), as a Structural Engineering EIT. He has delivered more than 30 megawatts of rooftop solar projects. He has also led and managed several residential construction projects, as a project manager and was engaged with MTO on larger projects.
Currently, he is a manager of structural engineering at a Toronto based solar development company.

Gallant Ng, EIT, BEng Electrical Engineering
Gallant Ng has been in the renewable energy field for over 5 years. Prior to working in the renewable energy sector, he worked for Toronto Hydro Electrical System Limited. He has complete multiple projects within the Ontario Feed in Tariff Projects (FIT), starting from initial assessment of sites, FIT Application, construction and commissioning of solar projects. At present, he works as a engineering analyst and designer at a Toronto based solar development company.


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